Safe & Fun! 10 Best Sex Positions During Pregnancy

Safe & Fun! 10 Best Sex Positions During Pregnancy

Sex will not harm a baby as long as you have a normal pregnancy, which pretty much 95% of women have a healthy pregnancy, but please do ask your mid-five or your doctor if you have any doubts.

Okay, also remember that sex does changes little or a lot, I mean a woman’s body basically becomes like a transformer during pregnancy, because her breasts can triple inside and they become much more sensitive and sore ,and the cervix becomes also much more soft blood flows increases like crazy, which may make her much more sensitive or uber sensitive, so there’s a lot happening and I want you to keep that in mind because you may have to be more chill about being less flexible, feeling different in your body, adjusting to these changes and may also having some funny and awkward situations during sex, It’s totally normal and it’s totally part of the journey.

The good thing is that due to the increased estrogen and progesterone, the blood flow in your body increases like crazy, which also increases your vagina lubrication, make your nipples, your pussy, your entire vulva and your vagina much more sensitive and sensual.

Okay, but now let’s check out the best sex positions during pregnancy. And I’ve tested most all of them, so, yeah have fun!

Sex position #1: The table top


Let start the really really fun one, the tabletop position you can do pretty much throughout your entire pregnancy, because the girl doesn’t have to move much and the guy cannot squish the belly, and she gets the extra stimulation on clitoris & vulva, by feeling his pelvis fully touching her. You can try this position basically anywhere, on the edge of a bed, couch, table, your partner supports your legs, the mommy laying like a queen on the throne and enjoying the ride, so good!

Sex position #2: Snip snap

This position is a little fancy, but fun and in fact a really really good one to transition from the tabletop to this one, this position is also great for cupboards who opt for non-penetrative sex, such a word, it’s also another amazing position because she gets full stimulation on her clitoris, which are all buzzing with blood and pleasure baby to make the scissor happen lift your partner’s right leg over your left and your right leg over there if you understand what I mean. Then lean back and play around with the sensations and possibilities, but be rather gentle than aggressive.

Sex position #3: X-files

The X-files is so hot and also quite, comfortable during all trimesters of the pregnancy, all you gotta do is just lie flat on your back with your legs in the air, wrapped around your partner’s neck, while your partner can enter the goddess in her temple, meet me mimi.

Sex position #4: Edgy

So this one may require a little more flexibility of the women, and it’s also super good for her pelvis area and her back, a totally empowering sex position during pregnancy. So all you got to do is lay down on the edge of a bed or a couch, your partner gets down on their knees or stands depending on the height of the surface that you are choosing, and then he grabs your thighs and legs and enter you, and all you have to do is enjoy the ride get a really beautiful stretch for your lower back.

Sex position #5: Doggy style


Doggy style can be a nice option for pregnant mommies, because the tummy is totally free, however depending on the size of you man’s magic wand, he may want to be a bit more gentle in the way he thrusts her, so to not touch her cervix with tip of his penis, since the cervix is very very soft, and jelly like during pregnancy, and doggy style allows for quite some deep penetration, so just keep that in mind.

Sex position #6: Leap frog

This is another variation from the doggy style, I would say an even more comfy position for her and even more inviting position for him, because the view gets better and better the lower she gets, goes, you know I mean, plus she gets an amazing stretch for her lower back, and it gets even more comfy when she put a pillow under her head, just saying you know.

Sex position #7:  The hot seat

This one is a really good position for the entire pregnancy, because her belly is free and she’s a total charge of the penetration. However it does require some leg and glute strength and muscles from her, but if she has them, it is a really beautiful position for my pregnant mommies out there.

Sex position #8:  Goddess on top

This one lets you be entirely in control like a goddess, and it’s a really really great position throughout your entire pregnancy, however it does require some strength in our legs since you will move up and down, so it may be more challenging in the third trimester of your pregnancy or you may only be able to do it for a few minutes due to the extra weight. I mean that’s okay too.

Sex position #9:  Spooning

Spooning must be the all-time favorite during pregnancy especially during second and third trimester, it takes all the pressure off of your back and your uterus, and the belly is out of the way and you can be totally chill and relaxed. It’s super super gentle position for her and allows for really really deep penetration for him, he can touch her breasts, her nipples, and she can totally relax as she lays. It’s so smooth this one.

Sex position #10:  Reverse cowgirl

Yep, this one also works for the entire pregnancy, however it may need some more energy in the last trimester, since again she’ll have to use some leg strength to lift herself up and down on the other hand, she’s totally in control and he has a really really wonderful view view of her glorious ass, and who doesn’t want that right, and because you’re still here with me, I have another secret sex position for you. And it is sex without penetration and without goal aka orgasm, I think this type of pleasure is totally underrated and especially especially amazing during pregnancy.

Someone may simply not feel like penetration during pregnancy, someone may simply not feel like penetration during their pregnancy and that’s totally fine, but it does not have to mean that totally and entirely have to skip pleasure, which is really really for you and your baby. Instead you can have a cuddling session or a sensor massage session, during pregnancy a women goes through not only bodily changes, but also mental and emotional changes, and what I call a spiritual reactivation, a pregnant woman will be much more intuitive, she will feel more than ever before what she needs and what is good for her. So during pregnancy it is important that she can totally follow her intuition from food choices to everyday choices, and also to her sexual preferences.

So if you don’t feel like making love in a certain position, just don’t do it, there’s a reason for every feeling you have now in this very moment, so trust it and believe me it really does not need any explanation to anybody, a pregnant women is a spiritual powerhouse, she emanates a really really frequency so bask in that energy honor that energy appreciate it, when you are around her and if you want gift your pregnant mommy a really really special gift, a special touch she has never received before, then make sure to read my article carefully.