7 type of penis colors, which one is yours?

7 type of penis colors, which one is yours?

The color of the penis can vary quite a lot from your skin color, it might be paler and sometimes even a pure pink, blue or purple and I got very good news for you.

Now let’s look into the different types of penises in his colors and penis shapes. Let’s go!

Number 1: The light brown boss

The color of the penis can vary quite a lot from your skin color, it might be paler and sometimes even a pure pink, blue or purple, and I got very good news for you in most cases the appearance of your penis does not affect the function of your penis.

Number 2: The reddish warrior

Another healthy and very good reason for your penis to change color is that rather an erection, when men are aroused their penis can turn into all shades of red and purplish colors, and it is absolutely normal and happens because of all the extra blood flowing through your beautiful penis.

Number 3: The pale sword

But also when a man is not erect, the color of his penis may have a different color than the rest of his body, and it has all to do with your sex hormones, the level hormones present in your body like testosterone and estrogen regulate the activity of our melanocytes cells. These are the cells in your skin and hair that release melanin which is a protein pigment responsible for our skin color, production of these ramped up when you hit puberty, hence why these dark areas around our intimate area and our nipples only appear appear when we get older.

Number 4: The night ninja


Some men worry about the fact that the head of their penis has a different color than the rest of his penis, especially when erect, however the skin of the glans has lots of tiny blood vessels near its surface, so the color of the glans just represents the changes in blood flow, often when it’s erect, the glance is quite red and other times it is more purple and it is totally normal.

Number 5: The chocolate lover

Sometimes however a change in color on one spot or different parts of the penis can be a sign of an imbalance in the body, such as diabetes or a sign of a sexually transmitted disease an allergic reaction like in sclerosis, pina Milano sees bruising hematoma contact dermatitis which illegal or black spots.

Number 6: The gray eagle

As the eye often manifests as purple red sores in different parts on the penis, penal enosis causes small patches of darkened skin to appear on the shaft or head of your penis, which’ll ago may appear a small white spots hematoma or bruising often creates a red or purple spot that depending on severity can feel firm and lumpy and blood spots can appear purple or red, and they are usually raised against the surface of your skin, all of these conditions should be checked by your urologist.

Number 7: The orange viking


And last but not least I want to mention contact dermatitis, CD is a skin reaction to contact with an irritant, in the case of the penis, it is often caused by latex condoms, it causes the skin on the penis to turn red and itchy. Yes they’ve you still here with me us such a dope-ass cool dude.

We hear so often of how women deal with insecurities around their body and the intimate area, but the truth is that there’s the same amount if not more of men out there who feel extremely insecure about their body, penis and their intimate areas, the thing is that we women often are much more variable about our feeling than men, which is why at times it can be even harder for guys to deal with insecurities around the intimate area, because they literally oftentimes have not many people, sometimes even no one to share it with or they simply have never learned to share about such things with others.

I want to say to all my kings out there, you are not less masculine when you share insecurities, in fact vulnerability can make you also pretty hot, it’s really important that you learn to balance yin and young, share you emotions and then go back, and worries mode both is necessary and really powerful.