Seven Vagina Smells & What They Really Mean!!

Seven Vagina Smells & What They Really Mean!!

Yep, you heared that right how you feel affects, how your pussy smells. so when you are stressed or anxious your seat glands in your pussy produce a milky fluid and each emotion adds a different scent to this milky fluid, you I wish more women would know about the power of their pussies, and the power of their natural pussy fragrance. I see so many women being worried about their vaginal scent, while in most cases the scent is a 100% natural and normal and beautiful. Yes, a women’s vagina does not smell like a bouquet of flowers but hey, it’s not supposed to smell like that it’s supposed to smell like a potion so that it can be a pussy you know with all its glory power and magic you know, but since so many women always worry about their vagina since I will share in this article seven types of vagina scents and what they mean.

OK baby girl now let’s jump into the most common seven vaginal scents and what they mean.

Let’s Gooooooo!

Vaginal scent #1: tangy like yoghurt

Well tangy and fermented may not sound very sexy, I agree, but it is the most common scent of a vagina, It is super super normal for a vagina to produce a slightly tangy and sour fragrance and this is due to the PH of the vagina which is slightly acidic to keep your little beautiful flower naturally healthy and clean.

Vaginal scent #2: Coppery like a penny

Depending on a women’s menstrual cycle her pussy can smell a little coppery or metallic and it is usually nothing to worry about, the reason for this slight coppery smell can be that there are little blood particles present inside the vagina fluid, this can be due to your menstrual cycle or because you’ve experienced slight bleeding during your lasting sexual, exploration blood contains iron and iron has a slight metallic scent or should be actually good, but if you are experiencing bleeding unrelated to your period or the metallic scent stays with itching and discharge, then please please please go check it out, also baby girl bleeding during or after sex is not normal, it means you’re not getting enough lubricated which may point you at some other issues.

Vaginal scent #3: Sweet like molasses sugar

Yep that sweet smell but not sweet like cookies, but sweet as in robust and earthy sweet and the reason for the sweet smell bacteria, your vagina PH is an ever-changing bacterial ecosystem, whatever you do, feel and think affect your vagina scent, I’ve witnessed for me and personally that I tend to smell sweet when it gets more humid and warm around my pussy and I tend to see it as a sign to take off my panties and my pants and get some fresh oxygen for my sweet little flower down here.

Vaginal scent #4: Chemical like a freshly cleaned bathroom.

If you feel like your flower smells like a freshly cleaned bathroom, or like bleach with a slightly fishy scent, it may be a good idea to double check what’s going on down there, It may be nothing but it may mean you have contracted a bacterial vaginosis infection, Bacterial vaginosis is a very very common infection and can be healed naturally if you know what you’re doing, when you contract the BV you can have symptoms like a foul artificial door, thin gray white or green discharge vagina itching and a little bit vagina burning when you pee.

Vaginal scent #5: A pungent or herbal, earthy scent.

Pungent is good and earthy scent is good, it is primal, it is you the reason for a pungent earthy herbal vagina scent, is that you have sweet glands in and around your vagina just like you have them under your armpits, and the scent these sweat glands produce is dependent on your emotional state, Yep, you heard that right, how you feel affects how your pussy smells. So when you’re stressed or anxious your sweat glands in your pussy produce a milky fluid and each emotion adds a different scent to this milky fluid and to your vagina fragrance.

Vaginal scent #6: Fishy scent.

Yes, I know no women likes to have a beautiful pussy compared to a fish and yet when a women experiences vagina infections, it is the best way to describe the scent her vagina exudes, because of it a fishy scent is always a sign for vagina Imbalance and infection and it can be either be a bacterial vaginosis, or trichomoniasis. Which is the most common and curable sexually transmitted, infection in any case, sunshine a fishy scent around your vagina needs your freaking attention immediately, because fishy means imbalance, fishy means something’s fishy, you know.

Vaginal scent #7: Strong rotten scent.

If your vagina scent is so strong that you can smell it while being fully closed then it is likely not because of your vagina, but because something is inside your vagina that is decaying and in most cases that is either a tampon or some other tissues forgotten inside your beautiful vagina, like a key you know you can also forget a key inside the vagina, or you know all sorts of things can be forgotten in the vagina, I’m personally not a big fan of tampons, anyways but if you do use them, then please please please make sure to change often and only use the when it’s really really necessary since they mess with the bacteria of your vagina and does always affect the scent of your beautiful pussy.

So baby girl their you go, your vagina alive just like the rest of your body and your beautiful heart, and its fragrance is ever changing you smell different with each emotion you feel after each sex you have had during each of your menstrual cycles with each food and medication you take, how your pussy smells has a lot to do with how you feel about yourself and about your life, the natural scent of your pussy is of crazy crazy importance, so please don’t try to alter it or change it with artificial scents, it acts as a natural pheromone to potential mates, because no matter how smart we are at our base, we are just like all animals driven by hormones and pheromones, if you change your natural healthy vagina scent, you may be attracting the wrong mates in your life and I’m not sure you want that, but you can try.

So connect to that primer side of yours embrace it baby, it is beautiful, it is powerful and trust me, as long as you are healthy, your pussy will always smell good to the right people in your life.