An ACG expert who makes people love and hate!

An ACG expert who makes people love and hate!

Hello everyone🥰, let’s introduce our ACG experts!

After a friend’s recommendation, I tried to buy this toy, and then I was attracted by this G-spot bunny vibrator. After I bought it, I really liked it, and I felt annoyed to see each other late, so I must recommend it to my good sisters.

Not much to say, let's take a look!

The contents of the box are: G-spot rabbit vibrator, black storage bag, charger, manual.

I think the black storage bag is very intimate. It can not only store the vibrator well, but also take it out, and the all-black storage bag is very textured (at least not fluorescent powder, fluorescent green).

Let’s take a closer look at the beautiful G-spot rabbit vibrator

The photo has no filters and no dimming. Let everyone look at the beautiful girly pink, which is very cute and in a very good mood.

Charge it before playing, otherwise it will be boring if the battery is out of power halfway through the game.

The charging place is here in this small hole, just plug it in.

Let’s take a look at the characteristics of this G-spot rabbit vibrator, which is known as an ACG-Spot expert.

Imitation fingerprint road and broken rabbit ears, every time I can’t stand it.

The place that imitates the fingerprint road is the G-spot vibration Knocking ball,There are three vibration modes.I myself will put it on the clitoris at first, really, really super comfortable, all my worries are forgotten.

The place of the rabbit ears is the C-spot slap function. There are ten vibration modes. Two ears clamp the clitoris and vibrate mercilessly. The more behind the mode, the more incomprehensible it is. It is completely forced to surrender.

When I am excited, I will let the 13/3.5cm ACG into me, turn on the G-spot to tap, and then turn on the rabbit ears to assist, wow, directly surrender.

In short, I recommend everyone to buy it home and play by yourself and play with your boyfriend from Max Fun. It’s awesome!